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Well Water: Should You Check The System Before You Use It?

If you recently purchased a home in the country or on the outskirts of your city, you may be eager to use the well on your property. But before you use your well, you want to check the quality of its contents first. If you ingest unsafe water, it could affect your health. Learn why it's important to check your well water before you use it by reading below.

How Do You Check Your Well Water?

Well water can be some of the freshest and healthiest water to ingest today. However, well water systems can build up with nitrates, minerals, and other things over time. If the previous owners of the property didn't properly inspect the well in the past, you need to do so immediately.

If you don't have direct access to your well, you can use the water inside your home to complete the inspection. Your well sends water directly to the faucets and plumbing fixtures inside your home. If there's a problem with your well, the water entering your home's plumbing system will appear brown, yellow, or another unhealthy color. 

If the water inside your home looks unclear or discolored, contact a contractor and ask them to perform a detailed inspection of your well.

How Do You Test Your Well's Quality?

A contractor will use various tests to check the quality of your well's water. The tests look for:

Each of the contaminants above can cause health problems for your family. Some of the contaminants can cause other organisms to grow in your well water. If a contractor detects organisms, gases, and chemicals in your water, they can clear up the water with special additives and treatments. 

A contractor may also check the quality of your well during the visit. Wells that have broken caps or damaged pipes can become unsafe to use. The devices can allow pests, germs, and even animal feces to enter your well over time. A contractor can either repair the broken components on your well or recommend someone who can fix the problems for you.

You can keep your well water and well water system clean and healthy with annual inspections. If you don't think you can remember when to inspect your well, ask a contractor to remind you.

If you need to check the quality of your well water, contact a well water systems contractor for an appointment today.