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Avoiding Common Problems With Your Fireplace

A fireplace can be a wonderful feature of a home when the weather turns cold. Unfortunately, improper maintenance of the fireplace can lead to significant problems that will have to be addressed.

Only Use The Designated Fuel For Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is designed to work with a specific fuel, and it is important to only burn this fuel in it. Otherwise, the amount of residue that is produced may rapidly clog the chimney or flue. Additionally, it can lead to a thick coating forming on the walls of the fireplace that may cause odors as well as difficulties with maintaining the chimney. While individuals may assume that this is only important for wood-burning fireplaces, it is also important for gas-burning units. If your fireplace burns wood, you will also want to be mindful of the storage conditions of the wood. Moist wood can produce far more smoke and residue, which may cause more extensive wear to your chimney.

Keep Tree Branches Away From The Chimney Or Flue

Having tree branches growing over or near your chimney can be a major safety risk. It can be possible for the heat from the fireplace to increase the chance of a branch igniting, which can quickly lead to a rapidly growing fire. Furthermore, the sticks and debris from these branches can fall into the chimney where they may prevent the fumes from effectively venting out of the home. Due to these potentially significant safety risks, any branches that are in the vicinity of your chimney should be trimmed back. This may alter the appearance of your landscaping, but it can be essential for keeping the home and property safe.

Use A Chimney Sweeping Service Each Year

Improper chimney maintenance is another issue that can impact a homeowner's fireplace. A chimney that is not swept on a regular basis will eventually become clogged. Sweeping the chimney on a yearly basis can help to keep it clean and clear so that the smoke and fumes from the fire will be able to easily vent out of the structure. Sweeping the chimney will require some specialized tools and it can be labor-intensive. However, you will not have to do this work on your own as there are chimney sweeping services that will be able to conveniently clean your chimney in as little as a couple of hours. Ideally, the chimney should be cleaned during the fall so that it will be ready for use when freezing temperatures arrive in your area.

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