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Brick And Stone Masonry Options For Home Renovation

Homeowners are always looking for new ideas for remodeling or redecorating their homes. The use of brick and stone masonry is a great way to make it seem like you have a brand-new home, even if your home is already still fairly new. These materials are beautiful and will stay beautiful for many years to come. However, deciding to use them can be quite confusing. This is because there are different types of materials used in masonry designs and multiple steps that are needed. The following guide will help you add brick or stone masonry to the design of your home renovations.

Hardscaping, Stairs, and Patios

If you are updating the exterior of your home with new outdoor spaces, masonry can be a great choice of material. Brick and stone are versatile and can be used for hardscaping features as well as structural elements of your home. This can help integrate the outdoor spaces into the design of your home's architecture.

The elevations of your landscaping might require the installation of stairs to access different areas. Stone or brick can be a great choice to create these features. It can also be used for the surfaces of patios or to build retaining walls that hold soil in place to provide you with more usable outdoor space.

Brick and Stone Texture for Walls

Another area to use masonry is the finishes for walls. The brick walls can be used outside for elements of the hardscaping and landscaping and help transition from a natural stone material to brick. The brick and stone can also be used together to help create a unique custom design when doing your renovations.

The interior walls can be brick veneers and solid brick stone. Both options need to be installed by a professional mason. The difference is the veneers don't require as much support for the weight of the brick because they are basically just the face of the brick. Stone or solid brick installations will require structural support. Both of these options can also be reinforced by fastening them to the wall that is getting the finished look.

Masonry Architectural Details

Masonry can also be used for architectural details on the exterior or interior of your home. First, you might want to consider solutions like covering an ugly concrete foundation wall with a masonry skirt. You can also have columns and arches built for the entryway to your home. The main living area can also have these masonry architectural features, such as brick columns, archways, and other design elements. You might also want to consider adding stone or brick to a fireplace, which also gives you the benefit of a more fire-resistant material in this area.

These projects are great because masonry can be used for home renovations indoors or outdoors. Contact a masonry service to start discussing some of the brick and stone ideas you have for your home renovations.