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Discover What Could Be Contributing To Your Need For More Frequent Septic Tank Pumping

Have you noticed that over the years the frequency with which your septic tank needs to be pumped has increased? If so, there is a good chance that the cause of this more frequent pumping actually lies in your daily habits rather than in an issue with your septic tank itself. Read on to learn more about how some of your personal habits can actually influence how often your septic tank needs to be pumped.

Maintaining Bacterial Balance

While high bacterial levels inside your home may be a bad thing, this is not the case inside your septic tank because bacteria play a vital role in the breakdown of organic matter, such as the solid waste that is found inside your septic tank. If the bacteria levels inside your tank drop too low, your septic tank will begin to fill up much faster than you would typically expect. The problem is that many of the personal hygiene items and cleaning products that you use in your home may contain antibacterial ingredients that are designed to kill the bacteria that your septic tank needs in order to operate efficiently. When these antibacterial agents are washed down your drain, they are introduced to your septic system where they can wreak havoc. The good news is that this particular issue is easily dealt with through the use of bacterial additives. In order to determine whether or not your system could benefit from the use of these additives, you will need to have the water inside your septic tank tested by a professional contractor.

Just Because It Fits Doesn't Mean You Should Flush It

Far too many people utilize the toilet in their home as their own personal garbage disposal. Some of the items that people commonly flush include feminine products, old food, baby wipes, diapers, and cigarette butts. The problem is that while flushing these items down the toilet may quickly get them out of your home, there is nothing quick about the process it takes for your septic tank to break these items down. In fact, many of these products will inevitably end up taking up space inside your septic tank until the time that they are pumped out. As you can probably imagine, this can easily lead to the need for more frequent septic tank pumping. The most effective way to avoid this particular issue is to simply stop flushing any items other than bodily waste and septic safe toilet tissue. 

Getting To The Root Of The Problem

If you have eliminated the previously discussed issues as the root of your septic tank issues, it is possible that the problem lies within the tank itself. For example, if the drainage pipes leading away from your septic tank have become clogged with sludge or tree roots, your tank may not be able to release enough gray water to allow for the treatment of new water that is being introduced into the system. Having your septic tank professionally inspected will allow you to find the exact cause of your issues and make the necessary repairs so that you can resume a more normal septic tank pumping schedule.