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The Importance Of Seawall Inspection: Protecting Your Waterfront From Erosion And Deterioration

Seawall inspection is important for waterfront homes because erosion and deterioration can strengthen water, wind, and wave impact on your property. The small signs of erosion may seem insignificant at first, but they could lead to bigger issues that may lead to expensive repairs if it hinders the structural integrity of your home. When you own waterfront property, it's in your best interest to make sure you properly inspect your seawall. The following seawall inspection information will help you protect your property from erosion and deterioration:

When To Inspect Your Seawall

There are different factors that will influence when you should have your seawall inspected. Typically, most people call for an inspection every five years. Depending on your geographical location, materials, and other factors, it may be wise to have an inspection done more frequently than this. The type of materials and the surrounding environment, such as saltwater, can have an impact on how frequently you need to have the seawall inspected. It is also up to you to be vigilant and call for an inspection when you notice an issue with the seawall.

Maintaining Your Seawall

Maintaining a seawall is no easy task. The upkeep has an enormous impact on the appearance and value of any waterfront property. Seawalls require regular inspections for deterioration and need to be properly maintained through refurbishment or rebuilding. Often, an inspection of the seawall is the easiest way to catch issues and do the required maintenance. Sometimes, part of the maintenance might be upgrading it to prevent the degrading of the walls when repairs are done.

Signs of a Degrading Seawall

The best way to prevent issues with damage to the seawall that protects your property is to recognize the signs that are degrading. The issues with degrading are often visible due to eroding soil or movement of the structure. Sometimes, there might be areas of the seawall that begin to collapse. These are the issues that you want to catch and have repaired with a seawall inspection to ensure this vital structure is doing its job to protect your property.

Repairing Damage to the Seawall

After an inspection of your seawall, the challenges begin with planning the repairs. Sometimes, the damaged section can be rebuilt to correct the problems. On the other hand, when the damage to the seawall is severe, it might be better to completely rebuild them. After repairing or rebuilding the seawall, adding features like a stone sea break in front of the wall can help reduce damage and better protect our waterfront property.  

Seawalls are vital to protecting your waterfront from erosion and deterioration. Contact a seawall inspection service to inspect your property to determine what maintenance and repairs need to be done.