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6 Signs It's Time To Replace A Home's Windows

Installing new replacement windows is an excellent investment in a house. You might not be sure, however, whether it's time for window replacements. If this is the case, check for these six issues to better inform your decision.

Mechanical Problems

A window has to operate smoothly and safely. If you're having trouble opening windows, that's a sign they're getting old. Similarly, if the windows won't stay open without a prop, then they're probably experiencing mechanical failures in the system that holds them in place. With crank windows, you may also notice every process becomes more laborious with time. In any of these instances, new replacement windows are the simplest of the available solutions.


Top-quality modern windows offer immense improvements over much older ones. They generally have better insulation value, can protect against UV rays, and are dramatically less likely to crack or shatter. If it's been more than 30 years since anyone replaced a window, you can almost presume it would be beneficial for you to replace it.

Failing Seals

This is often a sign of trouble that goes along with simple aging. If you're noticing the consequences of failed seals, it's time to replace the window. These can occur between the window sections or between the window and the wall. You may notice cold air leaking through during the winter months. In the worst scenario, you might notice water leaking through during bad weather.

Increasing Utility Bills

While it's understandable that your utility bills might go up a bit with inflation, you shouldn't see radical leaps. If the windows are a source of trouble, you may see increased electricity usage due to the A/C running all the time. You might also see increased heater usage when the weather is cold.

Homeowners should check for other problems. Fortunately, you can perform a scan with an infrared monitor to see where there's leakage around the windows. If you're seeing a big difference, it's time to speak with a new replacement windows contractor.


Not all signs of trouble are as obvious. Sometimes, condensation is the giveaway that there is a problem. This can happen if moisture from the outside enters through the windows. The temperature difference between the window and the surrounding room can trigger the condensation of water beads.

Outdoor Noises Indoors

As a window ages, its noise-reducing value can drop. If it seems like you're hearing more outdoor noises indoors, there's a good chance it's time to get new windows. To learn more about new replacement windows, contact a contractor.