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Installing Awnings In Your Commercial Space? Problems To Avoid By Letting Experts Handle It

Summer temperatures can sometimes get unbearable in all parts of the country. An excellent way to block the sun's glare and regulate indoor temperatures during this season is by installing awnings on your commercial building. 

But for many people, awning installation seems like a simple process that you can handle without professional help. On the contrary, you need the right skills and tools to get the job done well. Furthermore, if you opt for DIY, you will likely spend more money on repairs and replacement in the future. Therefore, it is paramount to hire contractors for your commercial awnings installation. Here are some problems they will avert.

Using the Wrong Awning

Many people usually choose awnings that look attractive to their eyes without making other crucial considerations. You can avoid this pitfall by consulting a professional before purchasing the product. They will first assess your building and its needs before recommending an appropriate style.

Odd Sounds During Extension and Retraction

Your poorly installed awnings might start making cracking and knocking sounds whenever you extend or retract them. These sounds signal that you didn't fasten the brackets correctly during installation. You can inspect the source of the problem by assessing the torsion bar and mounting bracket. 

To get rid of these annoying sounds, ensure that the torsion bar sits at the back of the bracket that mounts it. If not, you can turn the bolt until the bracket lip pulls over the bar.

Material that Hangs Loosely

Typically, the fabric of the awning should fit tightly over the bars. But it can occasionally sag when you overextend the arms. Professional awning installers usually handle this situation by reversing the direction of the cranking. 

They then slowly retract the awning until it gets to a point where it spreads tightly over the hardware. Furthermore, they ensure that it rolls over the top roller tube but not under it.

Motor System Failing During Closing and Extension

Retractable awnings come with tubular motors. The motors have in-built overrides that help them stay cool even when the environment overheats. However, overusing them for an extended period can lead to motor failure.

Thus, it is vital to allow the motor to cool down for ten to fifteen minutes before using it again. Also, consider keeping the awnings retracted during times when the weather is too rough.

You can avoid these mistakes by hiring professionals to install your commercial awnings. That way, you will minimize complications and losses that may potentially arise from a DIY. Reach out to custom awning installers for more information.