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Mistakes You Should Avoid During Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are a common phenomenon in most homes. It's hard to prevent clogs, considering the amount of debris and grease that passes through the pipes. But how do you deal with clogged drains without making mistakes? 

Well, you just have to ensure that whatever tools, techniques, and solutions you use won't harm the pipes further. Fortunately, drain cleaning is quite simple. However, you should avoid the following mistakes.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

By now, you know that drain cleaning chemicals are commonly used to break down clogs. Unfortunately, not all chemicals are safe for drain cleaning. Some are so potent that they can damage your pipes. So apart from cutting through the grease, hair, and other debris, some chemicals will also corrode your drain and sewer pipes.

Other than corroding your pipes, chemical drain cleaning products are a health hazard. They tend to produce unhealthy fumes that can irritate your respiratory tract. Besides, these chemicals are strong enough to burn your skin. 

Using a Garden Hose to Unblock Clogs

Some people will often attempt to unblock their drains using their garden hoses. Sometimes these efforts will work with a lot of luck. However, this method isn't always practical. The only way to unclog your pipes is by using the hydro-jetting technique. This process involves breaking down clogs using pressurized water. 

Your plumber will make use of a special piece of equipment that sprays pressurized water into the drain pipes. So, don't assume that your standard garden hose will cut it for you. The pressure will probably not be enough to get rid of nasty clogs.

Using Inappropriate Tools

While it's always good to improvise, don't risk it when it comes to drain cleaning. You should always use the recommended tools to dislodge the blockage. Therefore, if you don't have a plunger or drain snake, avoid using metallic objects, sticks, or even pipes. These improvised tools can cause more damage to your drain pipes. Sometimes they can even break or get stuck in the pipes.

Failing to Call a Plumber

If you have tried dislodging clogs with no success, you should consider calling in a professional plumber. These experts have the right tools and experience to dislodge severe clogs. Unfortunately, some people will not see the essence of calling a plumber until the problem gets out of hand. Unfortunately, your home can suffer water damage if you ignore clogs.

You can avoid these mistakes by hiring a drain cleaning service. Professional plumbers will ensure that your drain and sewer pipes are functioning normally. To learn more, contact a company like Countryside.