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Three Signs That Indicate You Need Residential Chimney Repair Services

When it comes to repairs around your house, the chimney is probably the last item you would ever consider as requiring repairs. Without a doubt, chimneys are built to last as long as your house. However, when you factor in temperature changes, exposure to the elements, and also the normal wear and tear of the build materials, at some point in time, you could require residential chimney repair services.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don't know how to determine if their chimneys require repairs. As a result, by the time they consider repairing their chimneys, severe damage has already occurred, and thus the chimney repairs become costly. Therefore, it is advisable to learn the different warning signs that let you know your chimney needs repairs.

With that said, here are three signs you should look out for that will let you know you need to hire residential chimney repair services.


Ideally, chimneys should not allow water into the house. For this reason, it is advisable to ensure that your chimney gets waterproofed as soon as it is constructed. When your chimney starts allowing water to seep into the house, it could either mean that the chimney cap is damaged or the chimney's waterproofing has deteriorated.

Water leaking through the chimney is a severe issue because, for one, it could facilitate the development of molds as well as water damage to your ceiling and drywall. Additionally, if you have a brick chimney, it is essential to note that brick is porous, and thus it will absorb water. After absorbing too much water, brick starts to crumble, and thus, if your brick chimney absorbs too much water, it could collapse.

Thus, the moment you realize you have a leaking chimney, it is advisable to call a residential chimney repair service as soon as possible, before you encounter any of the above issues.  

Flue Liner Shaling 

Shaling is the flaking or cracking of the flue liner. The flue liner is responsible for preventing stray sparks or excess heat from damaging your ceiling, walls, roof, etc. Thus, when your flue liner starts shaling, it may not be able to adequately prevent sparks and excess heat from starting a house fire.

The most common signs of a shaling flue liner are flakes and shards in the fireplace. The flakes and shards are usually fragments of the flue liner, indicating that the liner is already deteriorating.

Thus, when you start noticing the flakes and shards in the fireplace, you should stop using the fireplace immediately and call a residential chimney repair contractor to fix the flue lining.


Efflorescence is the visible white staining on the exterior walls of the chimney. Most people assume the white discoloration is a result of exposure to the elements. However, the white stains are mineral deposits left behind when moisture evaporates. Thus, though you can brush off the white stains, you are still left with the issue of excess moisture entering the chimney.

Nonetheless, the presence of efflorescence is a clear indicator the chimney is absorbing too much moisture. Thus, it is advisable to call a residential chimney repair contractor to assess why the chimney is absorbing excess moisture and provide a solution for the issue.