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Surveying Potential Lots For Condominium Development

Developing condominiums can be an extremely lucrative investment for a real estate company to make. However, the condition of the property where the construction is going to occur will be essential for this project. A condominium land survey would help determine multiple important factors.

Ensure The Terrain Can Support Enough Parking

The amount of parking that is available for the residents of the condominium can be essential for ensuring that residents and their guests are able to easily park. When choosing a lot of land for developing condominiums, you should pay special attention to the area where parking will be located. Failing to provide enough parking may even discourage individuals from choosing to reside in the condominiums. When considering the amount of parking that will be needed, you may want to include enough for both the individuals that are expected to be living in the units along with enough for the guests that they may have over to visit. For condominium developments that are not near public parking, this can be essential.

Assess The Stability Of The Soil

Condominiums are often very large buildings, and this means that they will place an immense amount of weight on the soil. If the soil is excessively loose, it may not even be able to support the weight of this structure. As part of the process of evaluation a lot for development, the stability and quality of the soil should be thoroughly tested. While it can be possible to stabilize the soil or to change the design of the condominium to spread its weight over a larger area, these can add to the costs of this development as well as make it take longer to finish.

Be Mindful Of The Drainage

The drainage of the lot is another factor that can have an impact on the quality of life of those living in the building and the structural integrity of the building itself. Over time, areas that receive intense runoff will be more likely to suffer erosion that could potentially destabilize the condominium building or the parking area that is available to residents. Additionally, a lot that has poor drainage may lead to the lower areas of the condominiums being far more prone to suffering water damage and flooding during periods of heavy rain. Not surprisingly, this could lead to extremely expensive repairs and major disruptions for the residents of the building. If drainage is a potential problem for the lot, you will need to have it assessed by the engineers for your project to determine the mitigation options that you can use.