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Damage To A Residential Roof & Getting Repairs

Damage to a roof is often left unnoticed until major problems develop, which can be a pricey mistake for a homeowner to deal with. The mistake that many homeowners make when getting into such a situation is that they neglect to get their roofs inspected for extended periods of time.

If you are a homeowner who is guilty of neglecting your roof and problems have developed, the best thing to do is contact a roofing company as soon as possible. You will want a roofing professional to assess the damage and let you know if your roof requires a simple repair, or if you need to get a new roof for your home. If the damage is severe, it is risky to leave your roof in its current condition, since it might collapse or cause interior damage.

Types of Residential Roof Damage That is Often Left Unnoticed

A common problem that causes roofing materials to get damaged is algae growth, and many homeowners are unaware of the damage it can cause. For example, when algae begins to grow on roofing materials, a homeowner might assume that it is simply an accumulation of dirt. In reality, algae can cause materials like asphalt shingles to deteriorate, which eventually causes the roof deck to get damaged as well. Hail damage, granule loss, and several other problems can also go unnoticed until major damage is done to a roof. A problem as minor as a shingle slightly moving out of place during a windstorm can lead to major damage to the roof deck in the long run.

Installing New Roofing Materials Over the Old Materials

In some cases, it is possible to get a roof repaired by getting new materials installed over the old materials. However, it is in your best interest to get the old materials removed, as the old materials can lead to untimely repairs being needed. For example, if algae have grown on the old materials, it can spread to the new materials and cause untimely damage. Depending on the overall condition of your roof, it might only be necessary for a few of the materials to be replaced rather than getting the entire roof repaired.

The Time Involved with Getting a Residential Roof Repaired

A residential roof repair does not have a specific time limit for completion, as each roof is different. For instance, a flat roof can usually be repaired faster than one that has a complicated structure. If you are ready for a roof repair and want to know how long the task will take, call a roofing company to discuss your specific roof.