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Your Questions Answered About Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are highly sought after by homeowners because they are considered classy and do not require as much maintenance as carpet. However, hardwood floors can be unappealing if they are old and have not been properly cared for throughout the years. The surface of the wood can become dull, splintered, and cracked, which is why a homeowner should invest in getting the wood refinished every now and then. Unlike carpet and other flooring materials, hardwood can be refinished multiple times and given a fresh look that adds value to a home. The key to ensuring that hardwood floors are refinished in the proper manner is to hire a professional rather than a homeowner trying to refinish the wood on his or her own.

What Makes Refinishing Hardwood Floors Beneficial? 

Other than the benefit of the home obtaining more value, refinishing hardwood floors can also contribute to the safety of a house. For example, there will be a lower risk of splintered wood getting into someone's foot who is walking barefoot. There will also be a lower risk of tripping and falling due to a loose plank of wood. It is easier for various types of pests to hide within the cracks of a hardwood floor, but refinishing the surface can make hiding more difficult. When the hardwood floors are in top shape it can help the house looks more attractive.

Can Hardwood Floors Be Refinished if Planks Are Badly Damaged?

Whether hardwood floors can be refinished when planks are badly damaged depends on the severity of the damage. For example, if there are only a few planks of wood that are badly damaged, the planks can be replaced with new wood. If the damage is not deep within the planks of wood, refinishing can be done. Professionals can sand away the damaged parts of the wood, which means that the planks can be saved as long as there is a sufficient amount of wood left after sanding is done. In most cases, damaged hardwood floors can be refinished.

Is Refinishing Hardwood Floors a Messy Task to Complete?

Hardwood floors can be refinished in several ways, which determines how messy the task will be. For example, if the wood only needs to be slightly buffed before a finish is applied, the task isn't usually messy. However, when a hardwood floor requires a large amount of sanding, there is usually a of dust involved with the process. Rest assured that your floors will not be messy after professionals are done with the job.

Get in touch with a contractor if you need to refinish wood floors in your home.