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Upgrading Your Kitchen? Benefits Homeowners Can Experience By Choosing Quartz Countertop Installation

For many homeowners, upgrading the kitchen is both a need and a desire. As one of the most used spaces in the average home, kitchen surfaces receive much more usage and traffic than the other spaces in the average home. Surfaces in the average kitchen also experience additional signs of wear and damage associated with higher humidity and temperature fluctuations related to food preparation activities and the use of sinks and appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, and ovens. Homeowners who are considering an upgrade to their kitchen may want to consider the installation of quartz countertops to replace their current worn or damaged counters after learning of the following potential benefits they might experience. 

Increased durability and safety for heavily used kitchens 

Homeowners who enjoy cooking and baking or those who enjoy canning, preserving, pickling, and other food-related activities know that traditional countertop surfaces can quickly become stained, discolored, or damaged by moisture and exposure to heat from cooking pots and pans. Once this type of damage occurs, the appearance of the entire kitchen can seem tired and less inviting.

If the damage to older countertop surfaces also includes chips and cracks, bacteria can infiltrate the counter surfaces and create food safety concerns for the family. Opting to upgrade to quartz countertops can provide a much more durable surface capable of maintaining its surface integrity to offer both a more attractive appearance and a reduced risk of food safety issues when food is being prepared. 

Increased options for customization and value retention

Unlike many other countertop materials that must be pieced together, quartz countertops can be custom created to fit the space where they will be installed. In addition to the elimination of seams and angles that can affect the appearance and surface integrity, quartz countertops can be custom created and shaped to include curves and edging details. Because they can be created without seams, homeowners can enjoy islands and long expanses of countertops without distracting seams that require frequent cleaning or caulking. 

Homeowners who want to explore unique options for their countertops may want to consider quartz for its ability to be customized to mimic the look of other popular surfaces, like leathered concrete or polished marble. Because of their durability and beauty, quartz countertops can also help homeowners bolster the market value of their homes. To learn more, homeowners should take some time to contact a local company, like Fagu Construction.