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Dealing With Boiler Pump Problems And Knowing When Equipment Needs To Be Replaced

If you have experienced a breakdown, or are contemplating replacing your faulty boiler pump, then you need to look into the causes of failures that can occur in this kind of equipment. In many cases, equipment failure is not caused by a lack of regular maintenance. On the contrary, breakdowns are caused by defective parts which are not due to wear and tear.

Failed Seals 

One of the first issues that you might have to deal with when it comes to boiler pump failure is failing seals. There are various seals that are located inside the pump and where it connects to your boiler. They are designed to keep water and moisture out of areas where they can cause damage to parts like the motor. If seals fail, you might notice problems with water and moisture around your boiler. You will want to have these issues repaired before they cause serious damage to your property. 

Seized Bearings

Another issue that you might have is seized bearings. This can cause the turbine inside the pump to not turn. Seized bearings can cause issues with water not being moved from the boiler to areas where it is needed. This causes your system to use energy without doing the job it is supposed to do. If the bearings are seized, sometimes a repair technician will be able to replace them to solve the problem, but if there are more serious issues, your boiler pump might need to be replaced. 

Problems with the Motor Itself

Boiler pumps are powered by electric motors, which can wear out and eventually need repairs. Sometimes, the problems with the motor itself might be simple issues like buildup or a minor broken part that needs to be replaced. There could also be other issues that can't be easily repaired. These issues might require a new pump to be installed to solve problems that you might be having with your boiler. 

Blockages Caused by Scale

Many areas have issues with hard water, which is high mineral deposits in the water. This can cause problems with mechanical systems with boilers. When your boiler pump fails, it might be due to an issue with scale buildup due to hard water. This issue can be solved by having a boiler pump repair service clean the equipment and remove any scale buildup that might be causing problems. 

If you experience boiler pump failure, check these issues. Contact a boiler pump replacement service to get the help you need to solve these issues and get your system working again.