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3 Reasons Fall Is The Best Season For Roof Repair

If you plan to reroof or carry out any roofing repairs, consider scheduling this project for the fall. With wintertime repairs, your asphalt shingle roof may not seal properly due to freezing temperatures. Additionally, summer's extreme winds make roof work difficult, while heavy rainfall in spring makes shingles installation challenging.

Learn about three crucial reasons why fall is a good time for roof repair. 

Favorable Weather

Wintertime roofing is dangerous due to the ice and snow that can turn your roof into a slipping hazard. Worse still, heavy ice can separate asphalt shingles, which makes your home susceptible to leaks.

Additionally, shingles may crack or fail to seal properly when temperatures plunge. And when the warm weather sets in, the roofers may not work as fast due to heat exhaustion. So, the project's completion might take longer. 

Cooler temperatures and less severe storms characterize the autumn season, exactly what roofers need to work optimally. Also, lower temperatures allow thermal sealing in shingles so that they can adhere properly to your roof for superior protection during winter. 

Moreover, comfortable fall temperatures make it easy for roofers to work outdoors, away from the scorching sun. So, roofers can work for long hours without worrying about harsh conditions, which drastically shortens the repair project's timeline.

Easy Installation and Energy Savings

You will want to replace and install asphalt shingles on days when temperatures range between 40-85°F. This is because new shingles can freeze and get brittle when temperatures plummet, which makes them easy to break during the fastening process. As a result, roofers can't use roofing guns and must resort to hand nailing, complicating the project's efficiency. 

Luckily, the autumn season offers temperate conditions perfect for shingle repairs and installation. Additionally, roof repairs during fall save you money on heating costs when winter sets in. You can install new attic insulation or repair the existing one to enhance your heating system's efficiency before you really need it.

Fall repairs also allow you to replace broken shingles and fix roof gaps to ensure that conditioned air doesn't escape. Hence, you ultimately save money on heating costs, which helps compensate for the expenses incurred during roofing repairs. 

Greater Availability of Roofers

Most homeowners wait until spring or summer to repair their roofs with the hope that roofing contractors will be available. Unfortunately, roofers have their plates full during spring and summer, and it can take weeks before your preferred roofer is available to attend to you. 

In addition, some roofing repair contractors might choose to go on vacation during summer, so you are left to scramble for the few available options with other homeowners. By scheduling roofing work for fall, roofers are readily available because the slow roofing season is approaching, and they will want more business. 

If you plan to reroof or have pending roof repairs, schedule it for fall when the weather will be most favorable. Also, only enlist reputable roof repair experts to conduct repairs on your roof.

For more information, contact local roof repair contractors.