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Differences Between Asphalt And Concrete For Paving Projects

Cement and asphalt are two of the materials that are the most commonly used for paving work. However, there can be some important differences between these materials that you might want to be aware of before you make a decision regarding the material that will work the best with your project.

Asphalt Can Be Ready For Use Much Faster Than Cement

Speed is a factor to consider when choosing a material for your paving project. In this regard, asphalt is a significantly faster option than concrete to use for your paving project. This is due to the slow rate of evaporation of the moisture inside the cement. In contrast, asphalt will be ready for use once it has cooled. This is due to the fact that the asphalt will not rely on moisture evaporating to harden. Rather, it will harden as it cools, which can lead to it being ready significantly faster than cement.

It Is Possible To Recycle Asphalt

Recycling can be an environmental option for disposing of various types of waste. However, individuals will often fail to realize that it is possible to recycle asphalt. This can reduce the number of environmental impacts that disposing of the old asphalt will have. While it is possible to recycle asphalt, this is not a process that will significantly extend the amount of time that is required for the asphalt to be broken apart and removed. Rather, an asphalt paving contractor may have equipment that can rapidly break up and remove the layer of asphalt from the ground.

Asphalt Can Be More Flexible

Individuals often fail to appreciate the benefits flexibility can provide to their paved surfaces. Instances of drastic temperature change can place a lot of strain on the pavement by contributing to its expansion. Concrete can be extremely rigid, which can lead to it being more likely to develop surface cracks or other issues as a result of this. Asphalt can actually be significantly more flexible in these situations, which may be able to allow it to be far less likely to suffer damage during these times. This added flexibility can also be used when extremely heavy vehicles drive over the surface. The flexibility can allow the asphalt to be less prone to damage from this weight. Over time, asphalt will tend to become more brittle due to the wear it sustains and the aging process. However, regularly applying seal coats can mitigate this.

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