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4 Signs You Ought To Request A Video Sewer Inspection

A video sewer inspection can answer lots of questions you might have about a system at a home or business. You might wonder, though, if you ought to request a camera sewer line inspection. If you've identified any of these four issues, they may be signs it's time to inspect the system.


One of the most obvious reasons to consider one is that the sewage is backing up into your building. Notably, there doesn't always have to be standing water. You might see backups only when there's heavy rain, for example, because the sewage is draining into the ground during dry weather. What might end up happening is that the backup ends before you can see the water. Instead, you may see a line on the floor or the wall in the basement where the backup peaked and stained the concrete.

The presence of sewage in a building is always bad. Ask a video sewer inspection technician to help you verify whether that's the problem.

Funny Smells

Not all sewer issues lead to total backups. In fact, they may only create enough back pressure to pump sewer gases back into the structure. However, those funny smells are health hazards in their own right, even if you never see so much as a puddle in the basement.

There may be a narrowing in the pipe due to a partial blockage. If this happens, the only way to identify the location of the blockage so you can clear it is through a camera sewer line inspection.

Soft Ground or Seepage in the Yard

Many sewer lines end up suffering damage outside of buildings. This often happens because tree roots can bust into them or dislocate them enough that the seals break. Also, breaks can occur if someone runs heavy equipment over the lines.

The net effect is that sewage can begin seeping into the yard. What then happens is that the ground may get soft. In the worst cases, the sewage may make it to the surface. Depending on the ecology of your property, there may be patches where plants really like to grow because they're getting fertilizer from the sewage.

Slow Flushing or Draining

In some instances, the problems with a line may not be enough to cause backups or weird smells. However, they may be bad enough to slow the function of basic systems. For example, you might find that your washing machine or shower drains slowly. This is a good sign that you can intervene early to prevent bigger issues down the road.

For more information on a video sewer inspection, contact a professional near you.