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3 Benefits Of Hiring A Residential Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Versus DIY

As winter approaches, it is ideal to start thinking about insulating your home.

One of the most common residential insulation options is spray foam insulation. Though it is advisable to hire an insulation contractor, most homeowners prefer to attempt DIY spray foam insulation to save money. 

However, poor spray foam insulation installation can lead to poor energy efficiency and air leakage. Thus, if you are going to opt for spray foam insulation, consider hiring a residential spray foam contractor. 

Here are three benefits of hiring a residential spray foam insulation contractor instead of installing the spray foam DIY style. 

1. Advice on the Best Spray Foam to Use

Different companies manufacture spray foam insulation products. However, the quality of the spray foam products varies between manufacturers. Thus, if you attempt DIY spray foam insulation, you might purchase low-quality spray foam products that provide poor insulation.

Hence, to avoid such a scenario, it is advisable to work with a residential spray foam insulation contractor. Residential spray foam insulation contractors have worked with various spray foam products from different manufacturers. Thus, they are in a position to advise you on the best spray foam products to purchase.

2. Proper Mixing of the Spray Foam

Even if you buy quality spray foam insulation products, you must mix them properly before installing them. However, most people who attempt DIY spray foam insulation lack adequate know-how of how to blend the spray foam products.

As a result, their spray foam mixtures usually have air pockets that compromise the insulation's efficiency. Furthermore, if you fail to mix the spray foam properly, it may not firmly stick to your walls. Thus, how you incorporate your spray foam insulation significantly affects its efficiency.

Thus, if you are not well versed in mixing spray foam insulation, it is advisable to hire a residential spray foam insulation contractor for the job. Spray foam insulation contractors have tremendous experience in mixing spray foam insulation. Thus, they have a minimal chance of screwing up the spray foam mixture.

Hiring a spray foam insulation contractor guarantees that the spray foam mixture plastered on your walls meets the right consistency to avoid future issues.

3. Proper Installation of the Spray Foam

Different parts of your home require different spray foam insulation thicknesses to provide maximum insulation. However, most people attempting DIY spray foam insulation do not understand the different thicknesses to implement. Thus, they apply the wrong spray foam thickness in different parts of their homes, resulting in poor insulation performance.

Thus, if you do not know how to apply spray foam insulation in different parts of your home, you should hire a residential spray foam insulation contractor.

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