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Smart Tech To Consider Adding During Your Bathroom Remodel

A lot of people assume that technology is only beneficial to areas of the house beyond the bathroom. However, modern technology has made its way into pretty much every space inside and outside of the modern home, including the bathroom. If you are in the middle of making plans for an upcoming bathroom remodel, you may want to take a few minutes to look at the smart technology that could potentially be included. not only does smart tech increase the functional value of a house but also the monetary value. Check out a few smart tech add-ons to discuss with your bathroom remodeling contractor.  

Smart Shower Systems

Imagine stepping into the shower, pushing a button, and the water is immediately the temperature that you personally desire. This is possible if you have a smart shower system installed. These systems actually mix the hot and cold water before it is ever distributed through the shower head. So, you never have to stand and wait for the water to reach your preferred temperature or deal with sudden temperature fluctuations until you reach a comfortable point. Even more impressive, these showers can be configured to remember settings for different shower users in the house. 

Smart Toilets 

Smart toilets are growing increasingly common as investments during bathroom remodeling projects. These plumbing fixtures are far from a ceramic bowl filled with water with a flushing mechanism in the tank. Smart toilets can have a number of advantageous features, such as: 

Toilets can also be outfitted with new gadgets and functions that have not always been common. For example, you can opt for a toilet that has a self-cleaning feature or a built-in bidet. 

Smart Cabinets and Drawers 

Think about how convenient it would be to have a small cabinet within your medicine cabinet to keep cosmetics and medications that need to be held below ambient temperatures. Or, think about the comfort that would come from pulling a cozy towel from a warmed drawer when you step out of the shower. Heated and cooled integrations like these are popular options for modern homeowners during a bathroom remodel, and it is easy to see why. Not only can cabinets and drawers be heated and cooled, but they can also have smart locking technology to keep medicines secure in a home with children. 

Contact a local bathroom remodeling service to learn more.