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3 Reasons To Choose Concrete Instead Of Asphalt For The Walkways In Your Backyard Garden

Installing walkways around the planter beds in your backyard garden makes it look cleaner and more organized. It also makes it easier for you and your guests to move around. While gravel is a common choice for garden walkways, gravel walkways are hard to maintain. You'll need to periodically replace the gravel as it's blown away by the wind.

If you want a more permanent solution for the walkways in your backyard, concrete and asphalt are good choices. Of these two materials, concrete has a number of advantages over asphalt, often making it the better choice for your backyard walkways. To learn three reasons to pick concrete for the walkways in your backyard, read on.

1. Concrete Is Durable and Long-Lasting

One of the best reasons to choose concrete for the walkways in your backyard garden is that it's the longest-lasting option. Concrete is more durable than asphalt because it's less affected by sunlight and rain. Concrete's increased durability means that it's easier to maintain, as it's less prone to cracking.

If you choose asphalt for your walkways, you'll need to periodically seal any cracks and potholes that appear in them so that water doesn't seep through the openings and damage the asphalt.

2. Old Concrete Doesn't Start to Crumble Like Asphalt

One of the problems with asphalt is that it starts to oxidize when it's exposed to water and sunlight. The asphalt will turn brittle as it oxidizes and breaks down, which means it can no longer keep all the granules in the asphalt together.

When an asphalt walkway gets very old, it will start to crumble apart. Granules will be blown by the wind into your planter beds, and you may also track them back inside on your shoes when you come in from your backyard. Concrete doesn't share this problem, making it a better choice for the walkways in your backyard garden.

3. Concrete's Appearance Can Be Customized

Concrete walkways can be created in a variety of styles, allowing you to design the perfect landscape for your backyard garden. For example, you can dye the concrete brown to make it blend in better with your planter beds and the nearby soil.

You can also stamp the concrete after it has been poured, creating a design on its surface that makes it look like a brick walkway or one that's made from concrete pavers.

Overall, concrete's superior durability and customizable appearance make it the best choice for the walkways in your backyard garden. Concrete walkways are easy to maintain and look great for a very long time, allowing you to walk around your beautiful garden and enjoy it without worrying about upkeep.

For more info, contact a local concrete contractor