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Five Topics To Discuss With Construction Project Consultants

Construction projects can quickly become complicated. Many individuals and organizations turn to construction project consulting firms for advice. You may want to discuss these five topics with a consultant.

Risk Management

Every build comes with a degree of risk. Supply chain issues may prevent materials from arriving on time. Weather can delay construction. Regulations might prohibit certain choices.

Construction project consultants help their clients manage risk. They can help you develop alternative plans to solve problems that might arise if certain events happen. Also, they can look at alternative materials and supply sources to keep projects moving. They can even help you decide how to approach insurance, licensing, permitting, and bonding to minimize your risk exposure.


Scheduling a construction project is critical. However, timing tends to include trade-offs. For example, many contracting firms offer discounts for scheduling work in the slow part of the calendar. However, starting a project outside of the normal construction season often means greater risk from weather events. A consultant can help you assess your goals and then make the right trade-offs in terms of timing.


How things come together is critical to most construction work. Your plans should include a strong sequence. A classic sequencing problem is putting up and painting drywall. To get the sequence right, your contractors need to install everything in the walls before the drywall goes up. This means getting electric, gas, plumbing, and networking lines in the walls first.

Good sequencing allows the project to move smoothly. You need a solid idea of how much time each job will take, including scheduling some room for delays. There also need to be triggers so you can schedule the next group of contractors in the sequence. For example, you should have a trigger during the excavation process for scheduling the foundation contractors.

Cost Control

Construction jobs get expensive quickly. Controlling costs requires extensive planning. Right down to the materials and labor, you want to get the most from every dollar. However, people also need to appreciate the difference between cost-effective and cheap. If a particular material doesn't meet the engineering specs, you don't want to use it to keep costs down.

Quality Control

Finally, construction project consultants can help you do quality control. As work moves forward, they can check the progress. If anything goes awry, they can help you and the contractor make corrections before other tasks proceed. Likewise, they can develop a checklist so you can assess the relative success of the overall project.

Reach out to a construction project consulting service near you to learn more.